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Welcome to the Lifeboost blog

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Here I will sporadically post when the feeling strikes me and I have something to share.

Most posts are not proofread by someone else and probably won't be completely grammatically correct. They are simply written with heart.

Some of the themes that the blog will touch on:

  • Exercise. How exercise, food and rest affect the body but also habits, routines, motivation and stress linked to physical health. Good and mixed..

  • Shares, investments and everyday economics. I have worked with asset management for five years and know a lot about new issues and capital acquisitions in the Nordic market. Finance is fun and I want you to be able to share that feeling with me too!

  • IVF treatments. I have done four IVF treatments and finally managed to have two amazing children. If my story of my IVF journey can help even one person in this world feel better, gain more knowledge or hope, then I feel it is worth telling about it.

  • Social work and psychosocial health. As a trained socialworker I have a genuine interest in mental health, social relations, group dynamics and conversation techniques.

  • Stress management. Because it is important to get tools to deal with stress of all kinds.

  • Travels. One of my great passions. One dream I have is to travel to Japan. I have lived in Thailand for a year, Norway for five years, England for six months, and have traveled extensively in the USA. Some travel tips may be shared in this blog because of that.

  • Food and wine. The good things in life. Apart from my red wine allergy, I love most things that can be consumed. Is Vagyue better than any other meat? Are cockroaches good to eat?

  • Investments in the form of residential properties. I have owned three different apartments, two in Sweden and one in Norway. I see housing as a good complement to other savings and have plans to develop my savings in housing within the next few years. Follow me on that journey and together we can surely learn many important things about finances and investments.

I hope you will enjoy yourself here!



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