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Freedom without meaning, emptiness.

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

I have had a lot of freedom in recent years in regards to my working life.

When I met my future partner, I eventually sold my apartment, and with the down payment, I made a high full-time salary every month for several years as a capital investor.

But something was missing in my life.

My drive, my flow.

Don't get me wrong.

Working from home is, of course, lovely. It has been extremely luxurious to be able to manage my own time, to travel and take my work with me on my laptop. To be off when I finished work because I rarely held overnight trading positions. And I love stocks! I love how I am able to control a system like that with the help of relevant knowledge. It's the dream of most people!

But I missed the interaction with people. Helping children, youth and adults find new paths in their lives. The exciting conversations and social challenges. The order book and stocks moving up and down on the computer screen were not people. They were like a computer game to me, and at the end of the day I felt a sense of meaninglessness. What had I accomplished today?

A year ago, I decided I had to find my flow again. When was the last time I had FLOW?

What did I LOVE working with before I started trading stocks?

In my work as a social worker, I had that drive completely. I loved working with people. I loved going home from work, feeling like I had made a difference in someone else's life.

That's the path I took. I got motivated and started this company. I also took a 50% position as a school counselor alongside my business commitment, partly because I LOVE working with young people, but also because - let's face it - starting your own business is challenging in many ways.

So here I am now.

With you and all the possibilities.

With my youth.

With my drive and my flow.

We'll see what comes out of it in the end. How it develops.

The most important thing is that happiness is there.

What gives you meaning?

Do you feel freedom?

What gives you flow?

What do you need to do to get where you want to be?

Congratulations to you if you feel a sense of purpose! And for those of you who don't feel it - I wish that you find it, with or without my coaching. <3

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