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I am a trained socialworker and healthcoach with a passion for helping people create lasting lifestyle changes. With experience as a socialworker in social services and as a school counselor at schools, as a healthcoach in my own wellness business, as well as five years of experience as a private asset manager, I have a broad competence base that makes me a valuable consultant for a variety of clients.


My experiences as an asset manager can be valuable in my work as a socialworker and healthcoach. By coaching and educating individuals about their personal finances/financial health, I can help clients make smarter financial decisions that promote their overall long-term health.


I have education and training in MI/motivational conversation.

Please note that I am currently booked until June 2024, excluding one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops and online courses.


Feel free to contact Lifeboost Sweden to investigate possibilities for future collaborations.

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If you are interested in hiring me as a consultant, please contact me using the form below, give me a call, or send an email. Don't be a stranger.

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